Aesop  // Spec Ad Experiment
For this film, I wanted to push the quality to replicate a TVC. No extravagant characters or excessive animation, just something that focuses on creating a luxurious feeling for an iconic product that I love.

Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash from Aesop.
I have used the product for years without ever truly thinking about it's ingredients. So, I created a short film to explore its main elements and where they came from while focusing on showcasing the brand's commitment to quality and creating somewhat of a feeling of everyday luxury.
Director: Alastair Green
Editor: Alastair Green
Visuals Prompts: Alastair Green
Image Gen: MidJourney & StableDiffusion
Video Gen: StableDiffusion SDV1.1
Edit: PremierePro
Music: Artlist
VO: ElevenLabs using speech to speech
Finishing:1080p UpRez and grain applied by Topaz Video
String out of footage. 
Alt takes because it's worth seeing some of the distortions and seeing the range of camera moves that SDV1.1 produces. All of them are limited to 3 second clip length but can be extended via Topaz Video.
Still Samples
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