James Perse // Spec AD Experiment.
When I was an ECD at Team One, we were discussing with James Perse about helping them with their brand positioning/advertising, and during these conversations, I had an idea for a simple brand film. We never created any work for the brand, but the idea lodged in my brain and would resurface every now and then as I visited parts of California.
It's pretty simple; James Perse is an iconic Californian brand that was created from the Californian lifestyle, which in turn was created from the environment and elements that shaped and continue to shape California today.
I've consistently thought about this idea over the last six years, so when I was considering testing out some spec ads with GenAI I remembered this spot idea and it seemed ideal as shots of fashion models and landscapes are ideal for GenAI filmamking.
Director: Alastair Green
Editor: Alastair Green
Visuals Prompts: Alastair Green
Image Gen: MidJourney & StableDiffusion
Video Gen: StableDiffusion SDV1.1
Edit: PremierePro
Music: Doug Darnell & Robot Repair
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