Land Rover 
This was my first experimental GenAI film. It's a little cringe worthy to watch now but I learned so much trying to make it. 
It's the same principals I am still using in my journey to become a better GenAI film maker:
Write, create and edit around the strengths and weaknesses of the process.
Generate great visuals that could be the start of a cinematic motion that is then converted into motion via SDV 1.1. It's very reliant of music and SFX to carry pace and excitement and offer a sense of place.
Director: Alastair Green
Editor: Alastair Green
Visuals Prompts: Alastair Green
Image gen: MidJourney
Video gen: StableDiffusion SDV1.1
Edit: CapCut
Music & SFX: Artlist
VO: ElevenLabs 

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